Fall Holiday Camps 2022 Around Zurich

September 16, 2022
Author Nicolas Gremion


Need ideas to educate, entertain, or occupy your young ones this October? Then here is list of some of the best fall camps for 2022 in and around the Zurich area…




Chess4kids, Horgen, Leimbach, Küsnacht, ages 5+, 220-450 CHF

Chess, Hip Hop, Martial Arts, BattleBots, and much more. Whole-day and half-day options.


SparkScience, Wollishofen, ages 6-11, 695 CHF

2 Camps: Oct 10-14 + 17-21. This Autumn our camp theme is Hogwart`s magic. Inspired by Harry Potter we become witches and wizards making potions with dry ice such as liquid luck and exploding filibusters. We will learn how to play Quidditch and take part in Defence against the Dark Arts. We will be making Philosopher`s stones, and meeting owls, harrier hawks, falcons, and snakes in our "Care of Magical Creatures" workshops.


X-Labs, Zurich, ages 7-12, 375-595 CHF

2 Camps: Oct 10-14 + 17-21. Bilingual English-German. Oct 10-14 features “Forensic Sciences” while the weeks of August 17-21 focuses on “Cool Chemistry.”





Creative You, Thalwil, ages 6-12, 499 CHF

October 10-14. Kids in Wonderland Camp. A week-long program of creative workshops including ceramic making, textiles, art, and glass fusing to entertain and excite your kids.

Drop off your child for a fun and educational week under the guidance of two creative teachers and allow them to explore their inner artists.


Close Encounters Theatre, Zurich, ages 7-10, 695 CHF

Broadway Academy Kids. Does your child love musicals? In this wonderful course, children will learn the art of musical theatre - they will sing, act and dance with gusto! There will be a final showcase for family and friends.





MS Sports Camps, multiple locations & ages/price options

Whether it's football, horseback riding, dancing, tennis, chess, skiing, snowboarding, biking or polysport, at MS Sports the kids can expect a great experience with lots of new friends, exercise, fun and unforgettable days dedicated to sport.


Kinder-Camps, Winterthur, Wadenswil, Thalwil, ages 6-13, 270+ CHF  

At the Polysport camps, children will learn about eight different sports, such as: martial arts, hip-hop, acrobatics, parkour, floorball, football, athletics and coordination. This wide range enables experiences that are crucial for the entire motor, social, cognitive and emotional development of the children


KinderZirkus Robinson, Zurich, ages 6-12, 400 CHF

2 Camps: Oct 10-14, 17-21. In the holiday courses, children between the ages of 6 and 12 train together for a week. In a group of a maximum of 40 children, the children get to know different artistic disciplines such as acrobatics, juggling, vertical silk, trapeze, barrel walking and rope. Each child chooses two disciplines, which they deepen in a group.


Milandia, Zurich, ages 5-13, waiting list only

2 Camps: Oct 10-14, 17-21. Polysportive offer various activities such as climbing, BMX, football, baseball, floorball, frisbee, handicrafts, mini golf, swimming, Nintendo sports games and much more.


Bolle Basketball, Birsfelden, 250 CHF

Oct 14-14. Experience firsthand what it means to be a professional basketball player. A number of pros will be there to spread as much know-how as possible! If you fancy an intensive basketball week in the Birsfelden sports hall, then this camp is just right for you.




Logiscool Zürich Süd, multiple locations, ages 7-14, 375+ CHF

Logiscool offers many different camps on the most exciting topics in the digital world. They are constantly expanding the pool of themes and technologies so that everyone can find something cool such as Roblox and Minecraft camps they’ll be sure to love!


Techspark Academy, Zumikon, ages 6+, 799/980 CHF ***

Three different camps are being offered this October including python, Hackermode, Web or Game Design, Animation & Coding. 


Little Scientists, Zurich, Zollikon, Wetzikon, ages 5-12, 250-450 CHF

2 Camps Oct 10-14, 17-21. Morning feature LEGO Robotics with afternoon STEM sessions. Can choose between mornings, afternoons or both.





ReGeneration, Gold Coast, ages 6-12, 550 CHF

Oct 10-14 Overnight! Wild roots. During this weeklong experiment, a wild edible hedge for snacking will be planted and along the way, we will return to our roots.



Tandem IMS, Zurich, ages 4-10, 600 CHF

2 Camps: Oct 10-14, 17-21. Full day: 8-17:00.  These camps offer a ton of different activities to keep the little ones entertained, active and educated such as climbing, pumpkin decorating, flying yoga, farms, archery, and of course nature!


Masterplan Academy, Silver Coast, ages 6-12, 695 CHF

2 Camps: Oct 10-14, 17-21. We offer an all-inclusive camp experience in a relaxed, yet exciting and fun environment filled with challenges and surprises each and every day. Our camps will awaken children’s natural love for learning and exercise, enhance their cognitive skills and promote working in teams.


Academicus, Zurich, ages 5+, 785 CHF

Oct 14-21. This fall we celebrate Disney’s Coco & Mexico. A full week of learning, exploration, fun, discovery & creativity...In English!  Full of discovery and learning, we go with your kids out and about and engage in all that Zurich and its surroundings have to offer.


Schöb events, Zurich, Bubikon, ages 5-13, 138 CHF/day – 565 CHF/week

Varied holiday programs for children aged 5-13 during the 2 weeks of October. Two different excursions are offered almost daily. The children receive professional care from 8 am until 6 pm with different meeting places in Zurich and in Bubikon. Can be booked individually or for the whole week.



Checkout the Zurich Schools and Sports Department for a lot more camps here

They have a HUGE list of kids’ camps around Zurich that will keep the young ones entertained, active, and engaged this October holiday



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