7 Wonderful Ways for School Kids in Zürich To Celebrate World Teachers’ Day

September 22, 2022
Author Nicolas Gremion


Every 5 October, Switzerland and many other countries celebrate World Teachers’ Day to honor educators.


In Zürich, marking the occasion is a welcome thing, and there are countless opportunities for school kids and their parents to show how much they admire and appreciate teachers.


If you are a parent seeking ideas on how your child can greet teachers on this special day, here are seven (7) that you can try:



#1- Give handmade cards.


Encourage your child to make and send cards that showcase his or her talent in the visual arts: drawing, coloring, painting, among others. The greeting can be as simple yet meaningful as “Happy World Teachers’ Day!,” or it can be words and images that come from the heart.



#2- Crown the teachers!


Educators play a magnificent role in your child’s development, so they deserve to be literally treated like royalty—even for just one day. Together with your child, go beyond 2D art and craft origami, papier-mâché, or mixed media crowns (and tiaras) for the teachers to wear all day long. Jazz up your glorious creations with glitter and tiny studs. Or mark them with such captivating lines as “Star Teacher,” “Best Teacher Ever!,” and “Bester Lehrer der Welt” (“Best Teacher in the World” in German).

See this YouTube video on how to make a great crown:





#3- Deliver a singing and dancing telegram.


Visually delightful greeting cards are awesome, but singing and dancing telegrams can be truly amazing! If your child has a knack for the performing arts, let him or her give teachers cards with surprise numbers: a song and a dance that will surely bring joy to the recipients. This can be done by your child solo or with classmates.



#4- Treat teachers with a prose or poetry recitation.


Much like the singing and dancing telegram, which can be delivered as an individual or collective effort, a prose or poetry recitation will make any teacher’s day. The passage or rhyme may be something composed specially for this occasion, one learned in school, or whatever the sender fancies.



#5- Entertain them with a role-reversal activity.


If you have time to prepare a special mini-event with co-parents and school administrators, why not plan and execute a role-reversal activity? On World Teachers’ Day, have the students take the place of their teachers and vice versa. Let the kids rule the classroom, impart their wisdom, share their knowledge, and amuse the adults.



#6- Throw a party!


If you and your child, along with other parents and students, are up for a party, then agree on throwing a memorable and merry one by all means! As long as the school authorities allow you and your co-parents to organize an event like this, go for it. Decorate the venue, bring in food and beverage, and host activities and games starring the teachers. Indoor fun can involve hangman, charades, and musical chairs. For outdoor fun, plan a picnic and leave the rest to the kids’ imagination!



#7- Say “Happy World Teachers’ Day!” with a big warm smile and then some.


Where giving material gifts or organizing a group activity is not possible, greetings will be better said than done. In this case, find the opportunity for yourself and your child to greet the teachers with a cheery and grateful grin. Educators play an important part in your son or daughter’s intellectual, emotional, and moral growth, so it is also a great thing to thank and wish them well.





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