5 Kid-Friendly Places in Zürich To Celebrate American Thanksgiving

  Zürich has traditions all its own, but it may also have room for one of the biggest annual observances in the United States: Thanksgiving Day.   The last Thursday of November is American Thanksgiving Day proper. It commemorates the 1621 autumn-harvest feast taking place in what would become the United States. This occasion, now known as the First Thanksgiving, was where t...

Activities November 17, 2022

3 Easy Paper Crafts for Kids in Zürich

  No-school days in Zürich are great times for children to develop their visual creativity and have fun at the same time.   Zürich is a place to behold, with many attractions to visit. But when your family’s free time is better spent at home, you may want everyone to get artsy—and enjoy the process.   And what better way to awaken the artistry in...

Activities November 01, 2022

7 Happy Haunting Grounds for Kids Celebrating Halloween in Zürich

Our favorite places in the canton of Zurich where your family can enjoy the chills and thrills of Halloween!

Activities October 17, 2022

Free and Fun Kid-Friendly Activities in Zürich

  Zürich is a wonderland for families with young children, and many of its activity areas welcome locals and guests without charging any entrance fees!   One of Switzerland’s most vibrant cities and cantons, Zürich is a rich source of entertainment and enlightenment for everyone. More importantly, it is a generous provider of gratis amusement for anyone in search...

Activities October 12, 2022

7 Creative Snack and Lunch Ideas for School Kids in Zürich

Check out these creative snack and lunch ideas that balance nutrition with fun and of course tasty flavours!

Party Advice September 29, 2022

7 Wonderful Ways for School Kids in Zürich To Celebrate World Teachers’ Day

  Every 5 October, Switzerland and many other countries celebrate World Teachers’ Day to honor educators.   In Zürich, marking the occasion is a welcome thing, and there are countless opportunities for school kids and their parents to show how much they admire and appreciate teachers.   If you are a parent seeking ideas on how your child can greet teachers...

News September 22, 2022

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