About us
HipHipHub’s story begins with a question…

Who do all kids love? Answer:


So, what do we do? We turn every day, hard working parents into big time HEROES!
Traditionally throwing a kids’ party can be a real struggle. There are supervillains abound including:
  • Sadness - at a lack of inspiration.
  • Frustration – at not being able to find what you want.
  • Helplessness - knowing which suppliers can be relied upon.
  • Boredom – from the same, lame activities.
  • Inadequacy - when trying to keep up with the Joneses.
  • Guilt - of not being able to meet your child’s wishes.
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The stakes are very high. Your kids are the victims as for them, beyond embarrassment, a lackluster party can spell doom. The very end of their world!
To all of us, having a great birthday party is important: it can form lifelong bonds between children, it connects parents to their peers, and brings families, even communities closer.
Luckily, parents can find their superpowers at HipHipHub:
an incredibly easy to use marketplace that handles all their party desires in one convenient platform.
Using HipHipHub, our heroic parents gain access to a huge assortment of the best party supplies and suppliers. They quickly reserve the perfect location, entertainment, food, cake, decorations, games, costumes and gifts, all in a stress-free, hassle-free rescue.

No need to embark on a complicated quest, conquering party villains here will be a breeze!

With HipHipHub in your toolbelt, every parent will transform into their child's hero…
…get ready to save the Birthday!
The Folks Behind HipHipHub…
HipHipHub AG is a Swiss company based along the shores of Lake Zurich.

Its three cofounders, Samantha Pitchford, Roland Kurmann and Nicolas Gremion bring nearly 60 years of business experience to HipHipHub, including 36 years of eCommerce success.

Plus… we’re parents too! Knowing firsthand the difficulties in organizing incredible kids' parties, we’re here to help you make it easy!

Samantha Pitchford

Founder & CEO

Roland Kurmann

Co-founder & CTPO

Nicolas Gremion

Co-founder & CMO

Rahul Munde

Lead Developer

Swarnima Kulshrestha


Kartik Bhat


Zsuzsanna Jávor


Nastya Sedova


We Value You...
We’re 100% dedicated to both our suppliers and customers. They’re the lifeblood of HipHipHub.

If we can be of service, have any questions or comments, or you simply want to drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us here.
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Our Vision

Enabling the best parties, everywhere for everyone ​

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Our Mission

Everything you need in one place for the perfect party ​